Tietgen Festival


Tietgen Festival is the annual festival at the Tietgen Residence Hall! The dorm houses 390 students from different educational backgrounds and nationalities. Once a year, all friends and neighbors of the dorm are invited into the circle to experience the Tietgen Spirit. The ambition is to create a festival where friends and neighbors can enjoy the dorm and its unique possibility for cultural mediation.

The festival distinguishes itself from other festivals by being not just another party, but by being a festival which promotes curiosity, learning and cultural experiences alongside the great party! The festival is non-profit and is entirely run by volunteers from the dorm. All residents are invited to pitch in and help shape the festival from the festival vision.

“The Annual Tietgen Festival strives to engage residents to come together in order to invite surrounding neighbors and fellow peers to demystify Tietgen, promote cultural curiosity and celebrate the Tietgen spirit.”


Tietgen Festival is returning on the 3rd and 4th of September 2021! Mark the dates in your calendar!

Contact billet@tietgenfestival.dk for questions about tickets, and info@tietgenfestival.dk for general inquiries

Friends and Neighbors

All friends of residents and neighbors of the Tietgen Residence Hall can purchase tickets for Tietgen Festival through the residents of the dorm, who will all receive a login for the general ticket sale in their mailboxes.

Tickets are purchased with the login all residents have received in their mailbox. There is a limit of 25 tickets a resident can buy, but be aware that tickets can sell out, and residents are therefore not guaranteed tickets.

Ask your friend at the Tietgen Residence Hall to buy a ticket for you, or ask them for their login so you can do it yourself.

Tickets will be delivered to the email address listed when you buy the tickets.

Neighbors can contact billet@tietgenfestival.dk with their name and address for access to the ticket sale.


Friday Add to calendar

  • Opening CeremonyWelcome Speech
  • Club 60Main Stage
  • Kryd
  • Boat RaceCanal by block 16
  • Mekdes
  • Cold Can Factory
  • De Danske Hyrder
  • Stop DanceParty Hall
  • Scarlet Pleasure
  • Johnson
  • DJ - OhbeeParty Hall

Saturday Add to calendar

  • Breakfast with Deux Vox
  • Rosé YogaCanal by block 16
  • Folkedans
  • CroquisMain Stage
  • Silent DiscoParty Hall
  • Rap BattleParty Hall
  • Kryd
  • FVN
  • Tobias Rahim
  • Bathsheba
  • Artigeardit
  • Secret Act
  • DJ - Daniel HedmeParty Hall


Special terms and conditions for Tietgen Festival

Tietgen Festival requires all attendants to be above the age of 18 after 16:00 every day and reserves the right to refuse entrance for anyone under the age of 18.

Tietgen Festival has a zero-tolerance policy towards any kind of illegal drugs.

Tietgen Festival reserves the right to refuse entrance to customers if they are evaluated as threatening for their own or others' safety by our professional security staff.

Tietgen Festival does not allow attendants to bring their own alcoholic beverages to the festival site and reserves the right to confiscate alcoholic products.

Tietgen Festival makes use of strobe lights and other powerful stage lighting.

Tietgen Festival reserves the right to use pictures of guests who have purchased a ticket if they are taken by official Tietgen Festival photographers.

Tietgen Festival is having a drone in the air during the festival daytime.